About the Band

Ryde Band is a non-profit, community concert band that plays music in venues around the City of Ryde. Like many older, community bands in Sydney, it started its life as a brass band.

An Inclusive Musical Community

Ryde Band welcomes all individuals who share a passion for band performance. With diverse members spanning various skill levels and ages, the group is open to all instrumentalists who are looking to play in a concert band.

We are continuously evolving our repertoire and fostering growth amongst our members. Ryde Band aims to not only delight audiences with enjoyable music but also support young musicians – many of whom have leveraged their band experience to pursue successful music careers.

The History of Ryde Band

Ryde Band was founded in 1884 and has performed almost continuously since that time. Ryde Council helped establish the band and has provided support for more than 80 years. The Band’s role in the civic and community life of Ryde is and always has been integral to its existence.

Ryde Band History Book

To celebrate the Band’s 140 years we have produced a book about the Band’s history. The book is available for on-line purchase – Click the book photo at left to be taken to the Ryde Band Stack Team App (in a new tab).

We’ve Been Waiting for You – Join Ryde Band Today!

Say goodbye to Tuesday evening boredom and embrace our vibrant community! Becoming a member of Ryde Band is great opportunity to connect with diverse music lovers of all ages. Flute players and percussionists, this one’s for you, but we welcome anyone with a love for music to join us.

No instrument? No problem. The band has a number of instruments available for use by members who do not have their own. Uniforms are also partly supplied by the band.

Ready to make music and unforgettable memories with like-minded individuals? Let the music be your guide – join us now! Your talent deserves the stage!


16/04/24 – Great Response to Ryde Band’s Adult Beginner Band Program Launch

Following the exciting announcement of Ryde Band’s new Adult Beginner Band Program, the initiative has kicked off with an overwhelmingly positive response from the community.
Since unveiling the program for adults eager to learn or return to playing musical instruments, Ryde Band’s rehearsal space in North Ryde has been alive with enthusiasm. Phil Arnold, our musical director along with help from Gemma Lee is responsible for leading the initiative.
“We are thrilled by the enthusiasm and interest we’ve received,” Arnold remarked. “It’s encouraging to see so many people interested in wanting to learn to play music and taking on this new challenge.”
The program, tailored for individuals with varying levels of musical experience, is providing a structured training regimen starting from the most fundamental level. With instruments available for hire, prospective musicians can explore their musical interests.
“Many adults have expressed regret for not taking advantage of this sort of opportunity earlier in life. With this program, we’re proving it’s never too late to pursue your passion for music,” Arnold emphasised.
Drawing from his extensive expertise in building musical communities, Phil Arnold is determined to create a vibrant and inclusive environment where adults can flourish musically.
“Phil’s track record speaks for itself,” said a spokesperson for Ryde Band. “His role in expanding the Lane Cove Bands organisation is a testament to his ability to nurture talent and foster a love for music across diverse audiences.”
As the program gains momentum, Ryde Band encourages all interested individuals to seize the opportunity and join the musical adventure. For more information and to get involved, interested parties are urged to contact Ryde Band through the following link.
Beginner Band Contact Form
With the inaugural sessions already underway, Ryde Band looks forward to welcoming more hidden talents and fostering a community united by the joy of music.

19/12/23 – Ryde Band’s Grand Finale of The Festive Season Concert Series Dampened by Sudden Downpour

The final instalment of the Ryde Band’s three-part Festive Season Concert Series unfolded on the corner of Cutler Parade and Chauvel Street in North Ryde, creating an unforgettable evening for music enthusiasts and holiday revellers alike. Against the backdrop of festively decorated houses adorned with Christmas lights, the band delivered a charming performance featuring popular Latin music, show tunes, and a heartwarming selection of classic Christmas carols.

The atmosphere was magical as families gathered on surrounding lawns and footpaths, joining in the sing-along and soaking in the joyous spirit of the season. The music and lights set the perfect mood as attendees strolled through the neighbouring streets, marvelling at the dazzling variety of Christmas decorations illuminating the houses and gardens.

However, as the darkness deepened, the skies took an unexpected turn. In a dramatic twist, rain began to pour down, bringing an abrupt end to the festivities. Everyone sought shelter, marking an unexpected climax to an otherwise enjoyable evening. The sudden downpour added an exclamation point to the festivities, reminding everyone of the unpredictable nature of outdoor events.

Despite the untimely conclusion, the majority of the Band’s program had been successfully completed, leaving the audience with cherished memories of the performance. As the rain subsided, everyone dispersed to dry off and/or resume their Christmas street light viewing, bringing a bittersweet end to performance.

While the rain may have cut the night short, the melodies and the festive glow of Christmas lights lingered in all those who attended, ensuring that the final Ryde Band concert will be remembered as a unique and resilient celebration of community and music.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

30/11/23 – Adult Beginner Band

Ryde Band is excited to announce that in 2024 our musical director, Phil Arnold, will introduce an adult beginner band program at our rehearsal space in North Ryde.

The band will be open to all adults wishing to take up an instrument or to return to playing in a group environment within a structured training program, starting at a most fundamental level suited to those who have never played a musical instrument before. The band has some instruments for hire so you can try before you commit to investing in a new instrument.

Many adults see their children playing in school bands and often wish they had started when they were young. Well, it’s never too late and here is your chance! Phil has over 20 years experience in leading start-up bands and was instrumental in growing the Lane Cove Bands organisation from from a single, small concert band to, now, over 200 members across 6 bands, ranging in repertoire from classical music to traditional, popular and jazz. Find out more by contacting us through our contact form.

12/11/23 – The Baton Falls on the First of the Festive Season Concerts

In a harmonious celebration of the upcoming festive season, the inaugural event of the three-part concert series unfolded at Ryde East Public School yesterday. The delightful Family, Friends, Community Concert showcased separately the developing musical abilities of the East Ryde Public School Band (recently revitalised with a new music director) and the more experienced, mature Ryde Band. Against the backdrop of a sunny Sunday afternoon, a diverse audience of locals, family, friends, young and old gathered at the school in the open air to enjoy the two-hour event.

The bands skilfully navigated a repertoire that spanned marches, show tunes and beloved pop classics culminating in a captivating rendition of ‘In the Hall of the Mountain King’ by the combined ensembles. Following the musical performances, attendees enjoyed light refreshments, showering the performers with generous congratulations. Special mention was reserved for the newly formed primary school band, whose commendable effort in such a short time earned them well-deserved praise. The event not only showcased musical talent but also fostered a sense of community spirit and the emerging holiday cheer.

17/9/23 – Ryde Band Festive Season Concert Series Announced

We’re excited to announce our upcoming Festive Season Concert Series, proudly supported by The City of Ryde. 

First up is the Family, Friends and Community Concert at Ryde East Public School on 12th November which will feature a varied repertoire showcasing a selection of show tunes, some favourite pop classics, a movie theme or two and some traditional folk tunes. 

Starting on 5th December at Smalls Road Public School we will be bringing you our Christmas repertoire of well known carols and Christmas songs that everyone can sing along to, something the kids especialy enjoy. Then again on 19th December there’s more festive joy and singalong with our Carols on the Corner twilight concert which coincides with the spectacular Christmas lights put up by the residents of Chauvel and neighbouring streets, not to be missed! 

These events may seem a way off yet, but it’s never too early to start planning your summer leisure activities so pencil in these dates now.

27/8/23 – Ryde City Concert Band’s Melodious Performance Raises $1,700 for Legacy Foundation

The melodious sounds of the Ryde Band echoed through Eastwood Plaza today as we staged a benefit concert to support Legacy, a foundation dedicated to aiding the families of war veterans.

The event drew a small yet enthusiastic crowd who gave generously, raising an impressive sum of approximately $1,700. Our thanks must go to the local cub scouts who rallied the listeners and passers by to collect the funds.

Adding an unexpected touch of artistic flair to the event, local artist Sadami Konchi took the opportunity to capture the spirit of the musicians by creating a beautiful sketch of one of the band’s players, Helen on bass clarinet.

The concert, a true testament to community spirit, not only provided a platform for exceptional musical talents but also showcased the power of unity in supporting a noble cause. Our benefit concert stands as an example of how the harmonious collaboration of music, art, and community involvement can make a significant impact on the lives of those who deserve our unwavering support.

9/8/23 – Ryde Band Impresses with Second Eastwood Performance, Welcomes a Renowned Trombone Player and Prepares For Legacy Week Concerts

Ryde Band took central position in Eastwood Plaza for their second performance under their new Musical Director, Philip Arnold, following his debut conducting on June 24th at the mall. The Band’s energy under the guidance of their new musical director was evident from their first note.

The mall’s casual atmosphere once again proved to be the perfect backdrop for the band’s performance. Passersby were drawn in by the popular melodies, unexpectedly turning the busy mall into an impromptu concert venue. The band’s delightful performance left a trail of smiles and foot-tapping.

Thomas Burge, a former band member and an acclaimed trombone player, made a special visit to listen and enjoy the music of his former band. Thomas, who had left the band many years ago to pursue a remarkable career in the United States, has been a part of some of the most prestigious orchestras in the world. Having performed with the likes of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, New York Philharmonic, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Charleston Symphony Orchestra, Augusta Symphony Orchestra, Winston Salem Symphony Orchestra, and Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra, his accomplishments are nothing short of inspiring.

The band is now eagerly preparing for more memorable performances in the coming days, with a renewed sense of purpose and determination. On Sunday August 27th at Eastwood Plaza, Ryde Band performances will help support The City of Ryde start of Legacy Week activities which recognises the significant contribution that Legacy Australia has made to the Ryde community since its inception in 1923. Legacy Week, which will be held from 27th August – 2nd September 2023, is known for its Badge Day and the iconic badges are offered as a token of appreciation for the donation made by the public. Legacy is a charity providing services to Australian families suffering after the injury or death of a spouse or parent, during or after their defence force service.

Join us on Sunday, August 27th, at Eastwood Plaza for an extended program featuring popular tunes, show tunes, movie themes, swing, and much more. Ryde scouts will be present, collecting donations for Legacy. We encourage you to show your appreciation by generously contributing to this worthy cause.