Ryde Band prepares an events calendar for rehearsals and performances at the beginning of the year. These are confirmed with Ryde City Council and other external organising groups once the Ryde Band Musical Director and band members have had input into the proposed schedule. Ryde Band has a very full annual performance calendar.

Eastwood Annual Concert Series (12 performances)

A long-term commitment has been established with Ryde City Council for monthly performances at Eastwood Plaza (Rowe Street). These free concerts, held on the morning of the last Saturday of the month, are funded by Ryde City Council. The Ryde community in Eastwood have welcomed the entertainment while they go about their weekend shopping.

Community Events and Annual Festivals (3 Performances)

Anzac Day April 25th – Every year Ryde Band participates in Dawn Services at Queen Elizabeth Park, Concord and then later at the official Ryde Council service at Anzac Park in Ryde. The band’s energy is sustained on this solemn day by a visit to a Concord café between performances.

Granny Smith Festival – In October Ryde City Council calls on Ryde Band to open the festival on the main stage. This feature performance sets a festive tone for a busy day as festival kiosks take shape and early arrivals gather along Rowe Street.

Special Performances and Projects

Each year Ryde Band puts on a number of special performances that are not part of the regular Saturday program. 

These are aimed at increasing community awareness and involvement through collaborations with school bands or through festive events such as Christmas celebrations.

In 2024 Ryde Band celebrates its 140th anniversary so the focus of special events will be to recognise the rich heritage of the band through a repertoire reflecting the diversity of music through the decades. See the calendar for event dates.