Band Executive

President: Mike Botton

A member of recent years, Mike brings an enthusiasm, drive and professional management skills to our band which will help it develop and grow. Mike is active member in several musical groups in Sydney playing predominantly tenor and baritone saxophone. As President, Mike is keen to explore new means of increasing band membership, raising the quality of our performances and to take our music to new areas and audiences within the City of Ryde. A significant promise Ryde Band makes to our key supporter, the City of Ryde Council, is to help create and improve community connections and promote a celebratory environment thereby boosting the community’s mood. Ryde Band performances can have a positive impact on people’s disposition and overall well-being. Mike leads the band engaged in this common goal.

Secretary: Phillip Ward

Named Ryde Citizen of the Year for 2022, Phillip brings to our band the same dedication that won him that prestigious award. Currently the longest serving band member, he is an experienced musician, teacher, able to play the French horn, trumpet, and piano among instruments. Often filling in as backup conductor, Phillip is a key to the management of our relationships with our major supporter, Ryde City Council, and other community organisations we depend on. Handling performance logistics is vital as we are one of the most active community bands in Australia. Managing the delivery, pickup and storage of band chairs, drums and other performance gear is another of his roles fundamental in ensuring we meet our performance commitments to the Ryde community. Phillip as Secretary is the hub of our communications ensuring members receive regular and timely updates on all things Ryde Band.

Treasurer: Richard Montgomery

Richard embarked on learning to play the alto sax and read music later in life. Joining the band in 1997, he has dedicated the past decade to serving as the band treasurer. Throughout his tenure, Richard has witnessed numerous transformations within the band and navigated various financial obstacles, including the formidable impact of Covid-19. His primary objective is to foster the band’s growth by establishing sustainable funding streams, securing grants to support its development, and upholding the invaluable, longstanding support from Ryde City Council.
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